Network Headache Eliminator Service

Want Proof That We Can Eliminate Your Network Headaches? Try Our Monitoring, Maintenance and Helpdesk Services FREE for two weeks!!

Dear Business Owner/Executive,

We know that you probably already have someone taking care of your network but they have fallen short of making you 100% satisfied with the work they do or how they do it. Maybe you can't reach them as quickly as you'd like to be able to. Maybe they make promises that they don't keep. Or maybe you just feel like you're spending a lot of money and still having a lot of computer issues.

So, you are going through the time, energy and effort to find a new computer company to support your network, but you might find yourself asking "How do you I know if these guys will be any better?"

That's why we decided to make it totally RISK-FREE for you to do business with us and give you a chance to see for yourself why we are different from our competitors. Here's how we do that:

First, AT NO COST TO YOU, one of our senior network audit specialists will come out and conduct a Network Health Assessment to pin-point any potential risks you have currently to viruses, hackers, computer problems and network downtime. We'll also check for ways to make your data more secure, and options to improve the speed and efficiency of your network. This service is typically $995, but is yours FREE, just for trying us out.

We will set-up our Internet-based, robust and specialized monitoring desktop management software and conduct over 76 critical maintenance updates, patches and scans to ensure you get optimum performance out of your system. This service is also yours FREE for up to two weeks.

Also, for FREE, we'll put together an action plan designed to help you prevent problems and headaches from occurring within your network and go over it with you line by line to make sure all your questions are answered.

In addition, we'll give you the opportunity to call in any computer and network issues you may be having and work with our experience and certified technicians to resolve the issue. This way, you get to have first hand experience working with our staff without ever haven't to pay out ONE DIME.

Finally, if you decide to sign up for our "Network Headache Eliminator Service", we'll give you our "100% No Hassle Guarantee". - You have nothing to lose so fill out the form below to activate your two FREE WEEKS of support!

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