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Using technology as a fundamental method of solving business challenges

ThinkTech offers much more than straight technology services – we merge IT consulting with business acumen to offer you holistic solutions for your real-life business processes.

While many firms simply provide the IT services you request and be done with it, we sit down with you and inquire what your specific business processes are, what your company goals are, and what your pressing needs are. We work hand-in-hand with you as a partner to ensure that each step of the way, we are enhancing the value of your business, rather than blindly going through the motions of repairing your systems. Our computer consulting involves treating each client relationship as special, with unique needs to address and unique strengths to help bring out.

We understand the financial realities of your business as well. As opposed to many service organizations simply creating generic project plans for their clients, we have thought through a variety of unique offerings to prevent sticker shock and unexpected IT expenses. We tailor a plan based on your budget, your tolerance for risk, and your likely benefit of various technologies. We do whatever we can to line up your systems with the business and financial points of view.

With IT Consulting from ThinkTech, you can expect:

  • Vendor-Agnostic Solutions – We base our implementations on known technology standards and best practices. While we have established relationships with certain vendors to provide the best products for your dollar, we are not beholden to any one party. Our priority is to provide you the best fit for your needs.
  • Technology, Business, and Financial Acumen – We provide unique insight simply missing from other providers. We are not just technically savvy in computer consulting, but have a holistic understanding of the way technology, business, and financial perspectives go hand in hand with any implementation.
  • Full IT Services – We include assessment, planning, set-up, testing, and ongoing management. We offer a soup to nuts, start to finish, cradle to perpetual life, partnership with your organization.

Ready to integrate informed technology solutions into your business processes?

"ThinkTech becomes the right arm of our client's organization, making sure they have an IT infrastructure that aligns with all of their business and financial goals."

ThinkTech becomes a virtual extension of our clients’ businesses, as a valued extension, we provide all of the necessary infrastructure to support a growing client with virtually no down time!

The right business technology can make all the difference, are you ready to see what we can do for your company?

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