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You Have Until March 1, 2010, To Comply With New Massachusetts Data Security
Regulations Or Risk The Public Humiliation, Business Disruption,
And Cash-Flow Crushing Expense Of Being CITED And FINED By The State

Virtually Every Business With Operations Or Clients In Massachusetts
Is Impacted By These Regulations…

Don’t Let This Happen To You!

FREE Copy of the Informational Teleseminar Reveals Critical Information
You Need To Know NOW:

“What Every Business Owner MUST Know About
The Massachusetts Data Security Regulations
To Protect Their Business From Hefty Fines,
Public Embarrassment, And Enormous Hassle”

An exclusive teleseminar by ThinkTech, featuring prominent Data Security Lawyer, C. Max Perlman
of Hirsch Roberts Weinstein LLP and ThinkTech Computers VP, Pamela Viveiros

Dear Fellow Business Owner,

Isn't it frustrating?

Here you are running your business, surviving - even thriving - despite one of the most challenging economic times we've seen... and the government decides NOW is a good time to fine you THOUSANDS of dollars if you fail to comply with their new data security law.

On March 1, 2010, Massachusetts will begin enforcing 201 CMR 17.00, the most stringent data privacy law in the country. Nearly EVERY business of EVERY type and size that has ANY customers or employees in Massachusetts, including companies whose headquarters are out of the state, MUST comply or risk hefty fines and penalties.

How can you protect your business from being subject to these penalties? Get the whole scoop on what to do before it's too late…

You'll Discover:

  • In plain English, what the CMR 17.00 data security law actually is, and how it affects the way you conduct business
  • 3 easy actions every business owner can take immediately to reduce or eliminate the risk of non-compliance
  • The sneaky little loophole the government doesn't want you to know that can literally save you thousands of dollars and days of hassle
  • The 4 key components to compliance and how to get them up and running fast, in as little time as possible

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