Leverage Good Intel To Beat The Competition

There is a lot of information floating around about your competitors – you just have to find it. When you do, you can give yourself an edge as you put together your own marketing campaigns.


For example, the founder and CEO of Wagmo, Christie Horvath, went as far as contacting and sitting down with a few former employees of her competitors.

Production Vs. Connection – The Ailment And The Cure

Recently, I had what we like to call an “aha moment” while listening to a sermon one Sunday. The minister made the observation that our society as a whole has swung to the extreme side of productivity at the expense of our connections. It hit me that this is one of the greatest ailments we see as coaches with our member companies and leaders, especially as of late.

Why Are So Many People Hooked On Zoom And Teams?

One thing we have found recently, that is a bit peculiar, some teams working remotely have decided to use BOTH Microsoft Teams as well as Zoom for collaboration. You may be thinking, why both? Let’s deep dive into the features.

Teams features. If you find yourself only doing a few meetings a week, Teams may work perfect for you (especially if you are already paying for Microsoft 365.) One of the best things about Teams is how much bandwidth and how many users the platform utilizes.