What Is the Use of Random Access Memory?

Random Access Memory (RAM) is the memory used by the central processing unit (CPU) when the computer is running. RAM stores information that needs to be used quickly, but nothing permanent.

What’s the use of RAM?
RAM is a part of the base structure in your computer and often thought of as the most important aspect.

Why Do I Need to Commit to an IT Management Company If My Stuff Is Already in the Cloud?

It can be hard to understand all the things that you need to for your business when it comes to IT security. This is actually one of the reasons that it is important to hire an IT Company. Even though you have all of your data backed up in the Cloud, you still need an IT guy to help make sure that you are backing it up properly and keeping your computers safe.

5 Skillful Ways to Handle IT Issues That Pop-up

Pop-Tarts are a magical pop-up toaster food that most of us can associate with some fun childhood memory. During the holiday season, Kellogg skillfully combines their flakey crust with flavors of the season like caramel apple or pumpkin pie. So, why are we rambling about this lovely treat? To show you what can happen when two of the most perfect things come together; a match made in heaven.