3 Tips to Keep up on Data Security and Keep Hackers from Parading Around in Your Network

Most headlines about data security feature some big fancy corporation or government entity with a major data breach. Last year 500 million records were compromised in the Marriott breach. But, what about companies like yours? Why is data security so important?

The likelihood of an attack…

It’s really not a matter of “if” you will be attacked, it’s “when”. The truth is, a vast majority of the companies that are being hacked are small to mid-sized businesses just like yours.

IoT Attacks Increased 600% in Just One Year; 5 Tips to Secure Your IoT Devices Today

You are on vacation; wouldn't it be nice to check in on your office? Or you are just at home for the day with family; it would be nice to check to see if everything is going well at work. Thinking of installing security monitors to see what’s happening? Take a look at these tips to keep your business safe.

Even Your Daddy Can’t Save You from Data Loss So, Make Sure Your Cloud Storage Is Really Safe!

Gone are the days when your father would come home from the office with a huge stack of paperwork and file it in a bank box in the garage right along side the family photos and the lawn mower. Cloud storage has eliminated the need for print-outs of everything for your business.

7 Essential Security Lessons

7 Essential Security Lessons we can Learn from the 146 Million People Impacted by this Epic Security Breach

If you are anything like us, we just hate hearing about terrifying security breaches that hang personal information out in the open. It’s like Christmas morning with no batteries for your toddlers new toy.

5 Painful IT Security Issues to Educate Yourself About so Hackers Don’t Embarrass You

We’re not talking about spilling your latte on your laptop and walking into a huge client meeting with sticky keys. No, we’re talking about IT security risks and information exposures that can be quite dangerous for your company and clients.

What is an IT security risk or information exposure?

These terms describe a condition when computers or systems are left open for attack.

Don’t Leave Gaps In Network Security That Can Force You To Prune Your Business Back

Global security strategist Fortinet says that in 2016 they saw about half a million cyber-attack attempts per minute. Some are famous; some not, but all have the potential to be very expensive and dangerous for businesses like yours. These types of exposures can set your business back, stall growth, and tarnish your reputation costing you future profits as well.