Computer Security Day!

November 30th is National Computer Security day! I know, we are just a bunch of geeks. You expected to learn something fun about pilgrims or turkey, but this is a technology newsletter. So, take a look at these 5 quick security tips.

What is Computer Security day? Computer Security Day is like a hallmark holiday for dorks like us; just another day for us to spread the word about protecting your computers.

4 Cybersecurity Strategies To Stay Safe Working At Home

Someone in your company no doubt makes sure the networks are secure and safeguards are in place to block bad guys. But who does that at your house? Right, it’s you or no one.

Home Internet security. During the current crisis, with employees working at home, many companies have issued employees guidance on how to establish home Internet security.

3 Tips to Keep up on Data Security and Keep Hackers from Parading Around in Your Network

Most headlines about data security feature some big fancy corporation or government entity with a major data breach. Last year 500 million records were compromised in the Marriott breach. But, what about companies like yours? Why is data security so important?

The likelihood of an attack…

It’s really not a matter of “if” you will be attacked, it’s “when”. The truth is, a vast majority of the companies that are being hacked are small to mid-sized businesses just like yours.