6 Steps To “Go Green” And Save Some Green With A Paperless Office In 2020

Going green has never been easier! Today’s world of cloud computing puts everything you need to run your business at your fingertips without wasting paper and losing your mind filing or finding things. Take a look at these 5 steps to “go green”.

What’s a paperless office?
While this is not a new concept, it’s been around for a few decades, many companies are still struggling to let go of paper.

Robo-calling Epidemic Riles Millions of People

Telemarketers have been a nuisance to phone owners for nearly as long as landlines have been in existence. According to popular robo-calling prevention company YouMail, in one single month there were 2.4 billion robo-calls in the U.S. This is an increase of about a billion calls over the previous year.