Happy Labor Day!

The first Monday in September brings a day of honor for all workers around the word. So, kick your feet up and celebrate all the hard work you do through out the year.

The first Labor Day event  was held in New York City? September 5th, 1882 marked the beginning of this wide spread tradition as the Central Labor Union kicked off this “workingman’s holiday”.

Appreciation for all.

Some Like It Messy, Some Like It Neat

Walk into an office with a dozen desks and you're likely to see 11 that are clean, especially at night, and one that has miscellaneous papers, files, boxes, and half-empty bottles of water. What’s the difference?

Organized chaos?  The person who works at the messy workstation will likely say he's just creative and likes to have all his stuff in sight so he doesn't have to dig into a file cabinet to find things.