5 Unique Tips For Phone Productivity

You can do more business even faster if you tweak your phones applications and organize them more efficiently. Try implementing these five unique tips to help you increase your productivity.

1. Create a better tool box.
According to Computer World's contributing editor JR Raphael, the first step is to organize your home screen.

4 Signs That It’s Time for New Hardware This Year

Hardware is important to keep up to date and replace when it’s out of date. Technology changes all the time and you don’t want your business functions to fall behind because you can’t keep up with your competitors. Some may think that repairing things is better than replacing them, however, replacing your hardware may save you valuable time and money in the future as well as provide new features that could improve efficiency.

The Thrills and Fears of New Technology

Consider the advent of digital music and those who hated it. Fans didn't hate it: they were trading tracks for free on the Internet. It was CD makers, album artists, music stores, and most of the record labels, which attempted to copyright, block, sue or otherwise stop digital music.

Upgrade or Just Update?

Software companies release updates to add features, update current features and patch vulnerabilities. These updates address functionality and security concerns from users like you. So, how do you know if you should just keep updating or if it’s time for an upgrade?

What are updates? Updates simply modify the current product with the latest additional features, security patches, and enhancements.