How To Avoid The Pinch Of Downtime

While your cousins neighbor or Billy Bob in sales may know a lot about computers, how much time can you really spend bogged down with technology issues before your business loses money? Is your company safe? Consider greater risks like natural disasters, does your answer change?

Can you afford to close the doors of your business for 2 days?
Imagine if your network went down due to a virus attack, hardware issues or software problems (all common in a standard year of operations for small businesses in the U.S.). How long would it take to get your company up and running again? Could you recover everything 100%?
Let’s put a price on the losses.

“We make all of your computer problems go away without adding additional full-time I.T. staff!”

Let’s Get Physical About Security.

Theft is on the rise. Physical security is often overlooked. Many people don’t consider physical access when they think of cyber security, but they should. Physical security, or access control, as a true geek would say, is one of the most overlooked and least expensive security measures you can implement for your company.

Fatten up Your Deductions with Section 179

This is like a fire sale on Black Friday! Don’t miss this final opportunity to take advantage of Section 179 in the 2019 tax year. Rumor has it that this benefit will never be available again.

What is Section 179?

It is a tax code that allows businesses to deduct the full purchase price of qualifying equipment and software bought or financed during the tax year.