Phishing Frenzy: Funny, Fake or Believable?

Seen lately in the wild are these crazy phishing attempts. Be aware of the outlandish ploys online today. Some are funny and fake but, others sure look and seem believable.

Funny and fake: The director of the FBI needs your help for wiretapping the Internet! Evidently something you did with a bank was legal but, because there are scams on the Internet, you are going to be sent $10.7 million.

How to Lower Your Printing Costs for Your Business

Everyone loves cutting costs, especially when running a small business. A great way to cut costs is to lower printing costs. Take a look.

Update those outdated printers.

A great way to do this is to update any outdated equipment that you may have because if you’re using old equipment it’s going to break a lot or take more supplies to keep it up and running, which will cost your business more money.

Hackers are Bobbing for Apples

Historically, Apple computers have rarely been a target for hackers. However, these past few years have been trying for Mac lovers. Attackers seem to be more focused on exploiting weaknesses believed to affect all Apple equipment.

Macs are just safer, right?

We always hear people say they want Apple products because they are safer to use.

That’s One Tough Cookie!

Oh, you will love this one… a police department in Maine decided to help their local Girl Scouts out this year with a little something extra on Facebook to bring the locals out for cookie sales. Their hilarious post preemptively warned citizens about the delicious diet and will-power breaking baked goods offered by the ‘Cookie Cartel’. They offered to gladly receive these dangerous substances if one would like to drop them off at the police department for proper disposal.

How Long Does Pepper Spray Last?

We don’t recommend pepper spraying intruders at the office, but thought this catchy headline might draw your eye to the often over looked issue of physical security.

Keep your technology physically safe.

More often than you’d think, physical access to your network is the easiest way for an intruder to break in and get what they want.

5 Reasons Why Office 365 is a Good Fit

Office 365 could be a great way for your business to boost productivity and streamline workflows.

Say goodbye to your Exchange server.

For years, businesses of all sizes have been maintaining e-mail servers hosted onsite. This brings a continuous stream of maintenance with patches, updates, and service packs.

Never Apologize for Having High Standards. You and Your Business Deserve the Best!

In-house or outsourced IT? That is the question on many business owner’s minds. Can we swing it with an internal IT guy? Will that person be able to handle the volume of work in our office? Will they know all they truly should to keep our company safe? Maybe, but are you willing to risk it? Take a look at these essential questions to consider before you settle for less with your company’s IT management.