What Is A Firewall And Why Do We Need It?

A firewall for computers is much like a physical firewall used to keep fires from spreading from one section to another. It is a barrier of protection that helps keep destructive forces away from your computer or network.

A firewall is generally a piece of hardware implemented to help keep a network safe.

7 Tips To Keep Your Business Running Smoothly During COVID 19

The virus has many business owners very uneasy. Unfortunately, the pandemic has hit small to mid-sized organizations the hardest. Many experts believe this is just the beginning. So, what can you do to keep your business running smoothly?

When will the pandemic end?

It could honestly be a few more months for the large restrictions and some say up to a few years for a full recovery.

Dress your website for success

When people visit websites, first impressions count. Wow your audience by following our tips. Make a statement with professional photographs Before site visitors read what’s on your website, they assess it by checking out your images. A picture is indeed worth a thousand words, but are those words truly what you want to convey to […]

Monitoring your employees online: Is it a good idea?

The question of monitoring your employees’ computers is a tricky one. Some say such a practice is unethical. But it can also be a way to prevent data breaches. Find out the pros and cons of monitoring your employees’ online behavior by reading this blog. And should you decide your business needs employee monitoring, we […]

Cut your IT costs by investing in thin and zero clients

Cutting costs is great for business, but only if doing so does not result in lower-quality products or services. You can achieve this kind of compromise in your IT system, too. Instead of investing in expensive computer hardware, you can opt for affordable but powerful thin and zero clients. What are thin and zero clients? […]

How MSPs are helping businesses navigate the challenges of COVID-19

IT services are more critical than ever before, proving their value in the face of a health crisis and the abrupt shift to remote working. Here are some ways managed IT services providers (MSPs) are helping small companies leverage technology to support their remote teams and go about business as usual. Providing infrastructure and service […]

New Android malware detected!

If you have an Android device, be careful! An exceptionally dangerous Android malware known as DEFENSOR ID is currently making the rounds in the Google Play Store. The malware exploits the Accessibility Services in an Android device to evade detection by traditional security measures. This threat can put your data and business in jeopardy, so […]

Changes in the workplace

The virus crisis has changed so much about work and the workplace. According to guidance from ADP, "As of March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has met the direct-threat standard referred to above, according to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)." That means screening protocols will be in place in the workplace until the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) or public officials revise their assessment.