4 Main culprits of slow internet on your smartphone

Are the apps or websites you visit on your mobile phone loading more slowly than usual? If you’re encountering such problems, the issue likely has to do with your internet connection than with your device. Take a look at the four main culprits of a slow internet connection on your mobile device. Wi-Fi noise Did […]

Improve customer data collection with these tips

As businesses continue to use more apps and tools that allow them to collect, store, and process customer information, the amount of data in their systems grows exponentially. However, not all of the collected information is important or even useful. Gathering more data requires finding a way to keep everything organized and relevant. These tips […]

Avoid these 5 bad business security practices

Many small- and mid-sized businesses struggle to protect their data, often neglecting a critical component in their security strategy. If your organization still follows one or more of these bad security practices, correct them as soon as possible. Open wireless networks With just one main internet line and a couple of wireless routers, an entire […]

Wi-Fi router features you need to keep in mind

Wireless routers are essential for operating a modern business. These allow one network connection to essentially be split into many and then shared by different users and devices — usually over a Wi-Fi connection. If you are looking for a new Wi-Fi router for your office, there are some important features you should be aware […]

5 Ways you can benefit from business dashboards

Data dashboards have become increasingly popular for businesses over the past few years. They are a great data visualization tool that gives you an overview of how your business is performing, catering to a wide variety of users, from marketing staff to project managers. Let’s take a look at how dashboards can support your business […]

What is juice jacking, and why is it dangerous?

Smartphones help us complete various work and personal tasks, and, depending on our usage, we may need to recharge them several times a day. But when your charger is unavailable and you need power for your phone, charging at public kiosks can seem like a good substitute. Here’s one good reason why you shouldn’t plug […]

Why Are So Many People Hooked On Zoom And Teams?

One thing we have found recently, that is a bit peculiar, some teams working remotely have decided to use BOTH Microsoft Teams as well as Zoom for collaboration. You may be thinking, why both? Let’s deep dive into the features.

Teams features. If you find yourself only doing a few meetings a week, Teams may work perfect for you (especially if you are already paying for Microsoft 365.) One of the best things about Teams is how much bandwidth and how many users the platform utilizes.

3 Logical Changes Many Companies Will Make In Their Office When The Quarantine Eases Next Year

Our experiences at grocery stores, retail establishments, and restaurants have changed dramatically this year, with many changes likely permanent like plexiglass dividers at checkouts and contactless purchases. But what about the office?

What will it look like after the quarantines ease and more workers return to the office after months of remote work? Touchless technology and air purification systems will likely be the norm, along with separate entrances and exits.