Tired Of Overspending On Underutilized Programs? How To Streamline Your Tools Before The New Year!

Tired Of Overspending On Underutilized Programs? How To Streamline Your Tools Before The New Year!

Programs for storage, communication, collaboration, sales, and project management are becoming staples for business today. Unfortunately, many companies are overspending on programs they really are not fully utilizing. Take a look at how to streamline your business tools and save a little money in the new year.

Cloud providers were seeing massive upticks in their business even before coronavirus hit our nation. Some of the biggest tech companies have cloud based subscription offerings these days. Here are some examples you may be used to seeing:

  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Zoom
  • GoToMeeting
  • OneDrive
  • Google Drive
  • Amazon Web
  • Dropbox
  • Salesforce
  • Zoho

It’s easy to get wrapped up in online subscriptions. I’ll bet you’re trying to rack your brain right now to add up all the online subscriptions you have in your toolbox. Well, don’t feel bad, it is common for people to sign-up for a program, use it for the task at hand, and just leave it on their computer or device indefinitely. We see this all the time! The recurring monthly subscription is exactly what providers are after now more than ever. So, be aware of the monthly commitment and term before you dive into a new program.

The largest providers of software as a service (SAAS) programs are rooting for you! They have really made the cloud something to drive revenues. Each program has its own features and monthly cost. We see many companies signed up for about 10 or more programs on average. Some of them may be unnecessary; it’s like a death by a thousand cuts for your budget so take time to evaluate what you are paying for and what you truly need. Here is a great example of a company we were speaking to recently that signed up for a few too many subscriptions:

  1. Capsule CRM ($18 per month per user)
  2. Zoho Books ($20 per month per user)
  3. GSuite ($48 per month)
  4. Monday Project Management ($59 per month for 5 users)
  5. Jive Communications ($23.95 per month per user between 10-24)
  6. Microsoft 365 Apps ($8.25 per month per user)
  7. Liquid Web ($80 per month)
  8. Hubspot ($12.75 annual subscription)
  9. Wufoo Forms ($74.08 per month)
  10. Hootsuite ($19 per month)
  11. AWS for Cloud Backups ($45 per month based on usage)

For a company of just six users, the monthly bill climbs fast! They were paying almost $1,000 monthly for all of these subscriptions, but weren’t really using them all.

What we see… We find that new clients just starting with our managed services programs have collected applications based on the preferences and experiences of their staff. For example, the company we just reviewed had a president who had always used GSuite and never considered another provider for their email and the VP preferred AWS for their backups because that is what he implemented at home. Preference does not make the application more useful for the business or cost effective.

What can you do to streamline your tools? Really look at each one of your subscriptions and see if you are using all of the possible features or if some could be eliminated. We were able to trim down our new clients toolset with just a few recommendations; a savings of over $4,000 annually.

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