5 Lightning Cable Tips: Why Don’t They Last?

5 Lightning Cable Tips: Why Don’t They Last?

How annoying is it to plug in your phone and discover that, once again, the lightning cable doesn't work. Constantly replacing these things can get expensive, not to mention inconvenient. Then, when you do shop for a new one you have a choice between an Apple cable ($29) and a non-Apple cable ($15).

Are Apple cables that much better?

Yes and no. Good lightning cables are MFI certified. Bad lightning cables, without certification, may never work. In a ZDNet test, of cables priced under $10, they found that 15 percent of the 27 cheap cables tested never worked right out of the box. The cables were easily damaged from being bent and twisted and the connectors fell off easily. Five of those cables had USB connectors that didn't fit.


Of the cables on the market, good alternatives to the more expensive Apple cables come from Amazon, Anker, Monoprice, and Nomad, according to zdnet.com. You can keep your cords working properly by following this advice from 9to5mac.com. Look it up for more great tips.

1. Grasp the hard plastic plug jacket to disconnect.

Never yank on the cord to remove it from the power block. This can damage the connection between the jacket and the cable.

2. Make sure the cable isn't bent, kinked or strained in any way.

All the tiny wires inside the cable itself are fragile and can break rendering the lightening cable absolutely useless.

3. Keep the plug pins away from liquids.

Liquids can cause corrosion on the exposed lightning pins and may even damage your device if they are wet.

4. Avoid high temperatures and direct sunlight.

Excessively high temperatures form open flames or even the sun in a hot car can break down the physical structure of your charger causing it to malfunction.

5. Keep your charging cable and block off the ground.

When cables are kicked, stepped on or thrown they can become damaged as well. Keep your cables away from small children and pets. Don’t leave them lying around.

Take care of your charging cables and use them properly. Always take your time plugging in your charger to ensure it is fitting correctly, treat it with care and store it safely when you’re not using it. Observe these simple tips to keep your lightening cable running for as long as possible.