What Is A Quantum Computer?

What Is A Quantum Computer?

What makes a quantum computer different? Honeywell recently announced it created the biggest and baddest quantum computer ever made with 64 qubits. Here is what qubits are all about.

Bits vs qubits…

You probably know by now that regular computers use bits to hold information. Each bit of information is either a 0 or a 1. So when a regular computer, even supercomputers, process information, they are powerful because of the speed at which they do one calculation at a time.

What’s really inside…

Quantum computers use qubits as the basic unit of information. The qubit isn't just 0 or 1. It can be
both. That is called superposition and it is what allows quantum computers to work on millions of computations at the same time. And that means that immensely complicated problems can be solved before the best super-computers can get started.

Quantum computer issues…

Most attempts at quantum computing have run into problems with storing information or just preserving the existence of qubits. But, these problems seem to have been mostly solved and stable machines have been created.

What are quantum computers used for?

While quantum computers are impressive, you may be scratching your head and asking your self, “what are they actually used for?” Quantum computing is used for artificial intelligence, molecular modeling, cryptography, weather forecasting, particle physics, and even financial modeling. Many companies are scrambling to make use of this amazing technology in industries like cybersecurity, banking,
and aerospace. As this new technology evolves, we will see new opportunities arise with a new era of computation capacity.