Are Your Passwords Strong Enough?

Are Your Passwords Strong Enough?

Ugh, passwords! You have them for almost everything and you don’t want to
forget them. Are you making them too easy for hackers?

Common password mistakes.

Our passwords give us access to our bank accounts, e-mails, and almost everything that stores our business and personal confidential information. Common password content like birthdays, favorite sports teams, or names of children is easily found on social media accounts. Implement a standard password policy for your company to keep your data safe.

Policy tips.

Put a password policy in place for your business to keep everyone on track with the necessary precautions. Get a program to store your passwords securely such as LastPass. Here are the basics for your company policy:

  • Passwords should have random letters (uppercase and lowercase), numbers and a character. You can use a password generator like LastPass to help you create strong passwords.
  • You should also set up a two-step verification system for all accounts that have that available.
  • Update your passwords no less than every 6 months.
  • Do not write down login information in a note pad or on paper.
  • Anyone making changes to an account should have their own login.

Still worried about passwords?

Give us a call to explore password management programs that can help.