Coronavirus Phishing Attacks

Coronavirus  Phishing Attacks

Although the Coronavirus has not caused significant infections in the U.S., it is still being used in e-mail phishing attacks to infect computers. Learn what to look for.

The infected emails contain...

links to pdfs or .doc files. The links may appear to come from the CDC or even a coworker, but in fact, redirect users to a page that appears to be Outlook. Or, it can offer 'safety measures' in the form of a pdf. Clicking on any of these links exposes users to malware designed to access bank accounts, financials, and even bitcoin wallets.

Major events or holidays have also been used.

Coronavirus was infamously used to invite recipients to a demonstration by global warming activist Greta Thunberg. It has also been used in invitations to Christmas and Halloween parties.

Protect yourself

by never opening attachments from an unknown sender unless you confirm over the phone that the attachments are legitimate for your business. Be sure to inform all your staff and coworkers of the dangers Phishing scams pose for your company. Awareness is the best prevention.