5 Unique Tips For Phone Productivity

5 Unique Tips For Phone Productivity

You can do more business even faster if you tweak your phones applications and organize them more efficiently. Try implementing these five unique tips to help you increase your productivity.

1. Create a better tool box.

According to Computer World's contributing editor JR Raphael, the first step is to organize your home screen. Think of it as a tool box. Put the tools you actually need and use every day on the first panel. Everything else goes to other screens.

2. End distractions.

If you are prone to mindless web browsing, try Firefox Focus. Focus is meant to be used to look up one thing, not tap, go to Instagram, tap again to Facebook while 30 minutes quickly slip away. According to Better Human, Focus does not keep history, does not remember passwords, and does not keep you logged in. You are in and out in a flash with no extra detours.

3. Limit touches.

Notifications are a huge time waster. Most experts recommend turning off notifications for an hour if you need to focus completely on a project. Studies say distractions can mean it takes roughly 20 minutes to get back into a project with full focus. Notifications change your minds direction to race down a trail of information unrelated to your task at hand. Jory MacKay of Meister Task, goes a step further. He says it is not how much you use your phone, the issue is really how much you impulsively touch it. Marketing firm dscout.com says we touch our phones 2,617 times per day. MacKay recommends distance. Carry the phone in your bag, instead of next to your body. Or place it just out of reach and out of sight to give yourself tech free time to be more productive.

4. Save time with a snap.

A smaller suggestion, but an incredibly useful one is to remember that your phone takes more than just selfies. Need to talk to tech support about an error message? Use your camera to snap a picture of the error message and e-mail it to tech support. This can save you valuable time when troubleshooting problems. Technicians can view the issue at hand and determine the right person to help you and best course of action before they even get on the phone with you.