“We make all of your computer problems go away without adding additional full-time I.T. staff!”

“We make all of your computer problems go away  without adding additional full-time I.T. staff!”

Let’s Get Physical About Security.

Theft is on the rise. Physical security is often overlooked. Many people don’t consider physical access when they think of cyber security, but they should. Physical security, or access control, as a true geek would say, is one of the most overlooked and least expensive security measures you can implement for your company. My friend Josh knows this first hand.

We’re not saying you need a 24/7 security guard...

But honestly how old is your surveillance system? Do you even know who is really coming and going in your office? Who has physical access to your servers or networking equipment? Most companies are relaxed on these types of security measures. Their server closet is just another door in a hallway. Their router and firewall are just shoved under a desk in the front lobby. Who’s to say a prospect scoping out your company couldn’t just pop into the server closet and cause catastrophic harm to your business?

Easy access controls that kept Josh safe.

Setup a few basic access controls to kick off your physical security strategy. Look into proper door, window and emergency exit alarms to lock down your office. This is how Josh kept his company safe. When burglars tripped the alarms on his emergency exits at 2 AM, Josh woke to a phone call from the alarm company. He rushed down to the office after calling the police to find that the villains had pried the emergency exit on the roof open and obtained access to his office. Fortunately, his quick call to the police had the thieves on edge with all the commotion outside. They didn’t even attempt to get through the deadbolts on the server or file room doors. They only stole a few tower computers from the reception area, but luckily Josh had all his important data stored elsewhere so he was able to walk in the next day with his employees, fire up some laptops and continue business with absolutely no interruption. In just a few short months, the insurance company paid for the physical repairs for his office and even replaced the computers!

This is a best case scenario… don’t be a nasty statistic!

Review your current physical security structure. Be sure your company is protecting the right equipment with the right measures. Implement door security, alarms on windows and doors, access controls, and video surveillance to keep your organization physically safe. A multilayered security strategy including physical security measures is critical to protect your digital assets.