Don’t Give IT Up! 3 Steps To Improve Your Cybersecurity

Don’t Give IT Up! 3 Steps To Improve Your Cybersecurity

As we kick off the new year, 2020 promises a new slew of cyberattacks. Don’t underestimate the importance of cybersecurity for your company. Take a look at these three steps to protect your business from malicious activities.

61% of cyberattacks are launched against small businesses.

Are you taking the proper steps to secure your company? Don’t give up on IT. Many business owners are just discouraged with the amount of garbage rushing at them when it comes to cybersecurity. So, we’ve dug up a few steps for you to take to protect your business from cyberattacks.

1. Teach your employees how to spot an attack.

Training your employees is your first line of defense. The human element can be a huge shortcoming or a major advantage depending on their education. Be proactive. Train your employees how to protect your company. Hold a seminar to discuss current dangers or threats. Show them what malware might look like and how to address a potential threat when they identify a rising issue.

Show your staff real examples.

Give your people some examples to demonstrate how tricky messages are pushing their way in and causing such a disturbance. Most recently, we’ve see a rise in the number of spoof emails from company owners and officers. Even though the message may look legitimate and the name could come through perfectly, teach them to always look at the actual senders address. One recent message we found was from a company owner to their controller simply asking what the limit was for an account transfer. When the controller replied, the fake officer tried to have her setup a transfer to an unknown source.

2. Regularly update your systems.

Software and hardware alike need equal attention in this department. Install updates regularly to protect your data. Delaying even basic routine updates could leave you wide open to an attack. Updates and patches are a great way to stay current on known issues and protect your company from catastrophic infections.

3. Push for a current assessment of your network.

If you haven't had a full assessment of your network recently, it’s time! Have an IT company come in and review your entire network. Running a business is hard enough without the headaches of cyberattacks slowing you down and costing you precious resources. You don’t have time to do everything on your own and no one can keep your IT safer than a company whose business is IT.

Most IT companies will assess your network for FREE! Look for an IT company, like ours, that offers a free assessment to review all your systems for vulnerabilities. Our Network Assessment will give you a full report of items to address to protect your company in the coming year. A good network assessment should offer you reports that show a true picture of what needs to be updated, upgraded, and what should be replaced. Be sure to ask for a post-assessment report to see exactly what cybersecurity obstacles you’re facing and how to combat these vulnerabilities.