A Few Quick Tips To Adopt Two-factor Authentication

A Few Quick Tips To Adopt Two-factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) programs use many of the authentication methods you’re already familiar with; it just pushes users to use more than just a password to authenticate their credentials. Here are a few quick tips to adopt 2FA for your company.

● Look for simplicity.

2FA programs can be complex. Find a solution that offers a user-friendly approach. Duo Security, Google Authenticator and LastPass are just a few of the simple solutions that use an application with pin codes that helps you secure access to things like your cloud environment or applications.

● Educate your staff.

Often times, employees will think, “Doesn’t 2FA just make tasks more complicated?” While there is an additional step to log-in, it’s important to educate employees how to properly use 2FA and explain the benefits of this security tool for your company. Get them onboard with your company's security policies. Everyone should be a security advocate for your organization because your security tools are only as good as the way people use them.

● Create a clear back-up plan.

2FA can be painful in some situations. Be sure to create a back-up plan for your employees. There will always be human error; phones left at home, lost, or stolen. Be sure everyone knows what steps to take to get back to work if an issue comes up.

2FA is a great little security tool… if it is implemented properly and your staff is onboard. Interested? Give us a call today.