6 Lovely Technology Trends That Are Truly Budget Friendly

6 Lovely Technology Trends That Are Truly Budget Friendly

Businesses just like yours are constantly trying to using technology to become more efficient, drive down costs, and make better profits. This year, there are a variety of technology trends to watch for that will help you make business processes easier and get the most out of your IT budget.

New technology trends.

I don’t think anyone will argue against me here; technology is one of the largest investments for businesses. However, it is also one of the most scrutinized expenses. Company owners strive to keep costs low while increasing productivity in order to strike a healthy balance. We all know that technology is costly. So, take a look at these lovely technology trends of 2020 that could help stabilize your IT budget.

1. An amazing automation affair.

The growing uses for automation have been helping companies like yours grow more efficient. Many business owners are finding that automation tools are freeing up resources and giving them more security. Built-in automated checks now alert users to security risks for things like program breaches and unsafe e-mail messages. Internal and external firewalls are another great example of how automation tools are now providing a larger barrier to defend against cyber-attacks.

2. Passion for multifactor authentication.

Inevitably, employees will make a security mistake at one point or another that could compromise your company data. Implementing multi-factor authentication for your major network and applications can provide an extra layer of protection. Security is such a moving target these days. The whole idea of multi-factor authentication is that there is more than just a password to penetrate your systems. Using a cell phone number, code generator application, or alternate e-mail to verify your users makes it harder for hackers to wiggle into your systems.

3. A remote worker love story.

Real estate is not cheap, but keeping your company growing is very important. Striking a union between in-house and remote workers can help drive down the bottom line. With laptops, smartphones, video conferencing and team messaging applications technology has made working remotely as efficient as being in the office each day. Businesses are catching wind of this new trend and putting the proper security policies in place for their remote workers to complete their duties safely from anywhere.

4. Client mobility attachment.

A website is simply not enough these days. Many companies will be looking for a way to conduct business with your company from their smartphones and tablets. Mobile applications can increase engagement and provide a more personalized platform for you to reach your clients. However, this type of open connection to your customers also poses further security concerns. Be sure the data you have open for your clients is 100% secure. Consider building an additional layer of security using encryption to ensure your client information stays private. Encryption is an economical solution that is easy to put in place.

5. Expanding internal collaboration with messenger tools.

Keeping your teams on the same page can be difficult. 10 years ago, it was death by meeting! Every other day or a few times a week, each team would meet in person and bring their progress to the table. These times are almost historical these days with the evolution of messenger tools and collaboration programs.

6. Get your head in the cloud.

There are no escaping cloud services these days. Every time you access the Internet, you are using some kind of cloud service. It’s just taking some time for businesses to adopt the cloud for all their operations. Ditch your clunky onsite hardware and enjoy low, manageable costs for cloud services with the flexibility, scalability and accessibility you crave.

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