6 Top Security Risks For Businesses In 2020

6 Top Security Risks For Businesses In 2020

Kicking off a whole new year full of new risks and infections. Take time to review these top six security risks for businesses in 2020.

Risks for the new year.

I’ll never forget being mesmerized by my first computer, a Mac 512. Ahhh, those were the good old days before cyber-attacks and security became second nature. Here is a listing of the top recorded security risks for businesses in 2020. Make sure your company is ready.

If you don’t know, learn and grow.

If you don’t know about or have security to protect your company from these threats, be aware — your business may not recover from an attack:

  1. Phishing Attacks — when hackers sneak into your network via email to exploit your company data for their own personal gain.
  2. Weak passwords — make strong passwords, encourage your staff to do the same or implement a password manager to help.
  3. Lack of encryption — if your data and e-mail isn’t encrypted, it’s time to get the ball rolling. Unencrypted data is the MOST vulnerable!
  4. Malware — these darn infections are just nasty, but can be avoided with a regular maintenance schedule to install updates and patches.
  5. Rouge insiders — who would have thought that disgruntle employees would make this list. Unfortunately, employees can be a real security threat for companies of any size.
  6. Unpatched or unsupported devices. Routers, servers, computers, firewalls and more are all risky for your business if they’re left unmanaged.