Yule Love These New Firewall Features

Yule Love These New Firewall Features

Next generation firewalls can actually help secure your network more than ever. Take a look at these new features.

What’s a firewall?

For those of you who haven’t invested in a firewall yet, these devices are unified threat management (UTM) systems that monitor all the data going in and out of your network. A firewall blocks and allows data to pass through according to set rules that have been created to sort the traffic.

What kind of new features?

There have been several types of firewalls developed over the years and the newest ones now come filled with new security features. Geolocation, intrusion detection or prevention, sandboxing, and URL checking are just a few of the fresh features to improve your network security.

What do these features do exactly?

Geolocation allows you to restrict your network from accessing specific geographic locations. Many businesses use it to lock down their network from accessing sites from countries they do not do business with. This narrows the playing field for attacks. URL checking and intrusion prevention are similar in nature. They check websites or data pushing through your network to ensure they are not reported as malicious or include harmful data. Sandboxing is basically a colander to sift though the traffic and capture all questionable information, unpack and filter it, then release only what’s safe for your company.