Shut the Front Door! There Are Really Simple Backup Solutions That Can Keep My Data Safe?

Shut the Front Door! There Are Really Simple Backup Solutions That Can Keep My Data Safe?

Most businesses use data in every aspect of their daily functions. If something happens to their systems, this could mean that a business would have to stop operations altogether. There could also be a variety of issues if there were a natural disaster, system malfunction, hardware failure, or infection from a hacker. Backing up your data is the best way to make sure you can recover should an issue arise, but it seems so complicated. Ugh!

What is out there for backups today?

There are many different solutions that you can implement to prevent data loss. When it comes to data backups, it really just depends on your business needs as to which backup system you should implement. There are USB, external hard drive, and cloud storage options to help you preserve your sensitive data.

USB for quick backups in your pocket.

For very simple companies like the local barber shop or video store, a USB flash drive is the most compact choice. It’s a miniature hard drive that you connect to your computer using a USB port. It’s portable and cheap. It can be used to back up data from several computers. However, they are really best used for quick backups if your company is very small and has limited data or just until you find a better solution.

External hard drives are another choice

that are compact and easy to use. You can connect an external hard drive just like you would a USB flash drive, but it can store and hold more information from multiple computers. The transfer rate is faster than a USB flash drive and you can back up a large amount of data within seconds. The biggest downfalls of these two options are that you must remember to back up your systems regularly with this system and make sure to store your device in a secure place so your files aren’t compromised or lost.


Cloud storage is truly the most convenient and secure resource for backups.

Most businesses can set up a cloud back-up storage system to automatically do backups in just a few short hours. You can also access the cloud from anywhere at any time. Cloud storage has many storage options as to how much space you can get so you pay for only the amount you need. Should disaster strike, you could be ready to work after restoring your data in just a few short hours.