4 Signs That It’s Time for New Hardware This Year

4 Signs That It’s Time for New Hardware This Year

Hardware is important to keep up to date and replace when it’s out of date. Technology changes all the time and you don’t want your business functions to fall behind because you can’t keep up with your competitors. Some may think that repairing things is better than replacing them, however, replacing your hardware may save you valuable time and money in the future as well as provide new features that could improve efficiency. 

Repair or replace… the age old question.

Here is our general rule of thumb; if you are having performance issues, update concerns, excessive repair costs, or compatibility struggles it’s time to look at new hardware. Simply pouring more money into repairing the old equipment may be dragging your company down not only financially, but with regard to efficiency too. Let’s review each of these factors:

1. Performance issues abound.

The faster your hardware works the more your workers can accomplish. The growing age of your hardware may be directly impacting the performance of your team. Slow computers, network equipment, and even Internet connectivity can drag down your company every day. Sometimes you can give aging equipment a break by uninstalling unused software, removing malware, or deleting old files, but even regular maintenance can’t make your equipment more robust or more compatible.

2. Trouble updating your equipment?

If you have any trouble updating your software or operating system, you should seriously consider new hardware. Using old hardware that cannot be updated any more creates security vulnerabilities for your company. Updates and patches are critical to ensure your software has the latest repairs for concerning weaknesses that have been discovered and fixes for known bugs. In addition, updates may open up new features and remove outdated ones.

3. Excessive repairs costing you too much?

Think about all the money you’ve invested in repairs and the time you’ve lost waiting for repairs to be completed or parts to be ordered. Add up your human resource costs, the business you may have lost, as well as the hard costs for parts and repairs to get a full picture of what you’re truly spending on repairs for your equipment. If this number outweighs the cost to replace, it’s definitely time to invest in new hardware.

4. Compatibility struggles preventing you from trying new things?

Have you ever had to pass on a new software program because of compatibility struggles? As business software becomes more advanced, you will need to replace your hardware to support new software requirements. In general, we recommend replacing laptops and computers every 3 to 5 years. This type of refresh will ensure you have the processing power you need to run new software that helps you push your company forward and stay competitive in your market.

Three things you should never try to repair.

The following three things, are just a sinkhole of money. Don’t ever try to repair them. Replacing them is the only way to be sure they will stay working efficiently.

Power supplies aren’t something that you should ever repair.

If your power supply is showing signs of failing you should replace it as soon as you can. Make sure that you pick the reputable brands and do not go for a cheap brand because it’s cheaper, it will fail again and fast. In this case, the extra money would be worth it for a long-term functioning power supply.

Hard drives are something else that just cannot be repaired.

It's better to replace them when they start to fail. Make sure you keep regular backups of your current hardware just in case of a hardware malfunction and once you see that there are issues with your hard drive, please replace it right away.

Motherboards are also important to replace when they malfunction.

Motherboards are just how they sound. They are the home to all of your other hardware and very important to be in good working order. They are tough to repair, so it is truly worth it to just replace a failing motherboard as soon as you see an issue.

Keep all of your hardware in good working order

to ensure that your business is up-to-date and running efficiently. If your technology and systems are behind that just makes it easier for hackers to get into your network and take what they want. Technology changes all the time, so it’s important to set time aside each quarter to evaluate your hardware, network and company needs.

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