3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Browsing or Shopping Online.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Browsing or Shopping Online.

The holidays are a busy time for online retailers. However, if you’re not familiar with browsing on the Internet then you should keep reading. Be sure to ask yourself these three questions when you’re shopping this holiday season. All it takes is one wrong click to end up on the wrong page at the wrong time and find yourself in a world of spyware or malware.

1. Is this website legit?

Look at the URL or website address at the top. Stay away from websites without HTTPS enabled. If you are visiting a new retailer you haven’t shopped with in the past, Google their business and call them. Make sure they are 100% real before you enter any type of payment information on their website.

2. Ask yourself, why is it FREE?

If you’re looking for a new piece of software or buying a gift, don’t fall victim to the free downloads and prizes online. Be sure to only download software from sites you know and never enter payment in website that are unsecure. Remember, FREE doesn’t equal safe!

3. Are my browser settings enabled?

Take a look at your browser privacy and security settings. Make sure they are fully enabled and that your browser extensions are set to prevent pop-up’s that may contain harmful viruses.

Follow these quick tips

to help you browse the Internet a little safer this holiday season. It is all too easy for websites and software downloads to appear reputable without actually being so. It’s always a good idea to be critical of sites and services you don’t know. If you find something that you’re unsure about and still want to try it, research it first to see what others are saying about the site or product. If there is an issue, undoubtedly you will find some chatter about the problem and know to steer clear instead of taking on a nasty little infectious gift in your computer.