National Computer Security Day Is November 30th

National Computer Security Day Is November 30th


Yes of course: computer security should be serious business EVERY day. But we don’t want another MyDoom (the worst email virus in history, causing $38.5 billion in damage), so let’s celebrate and spread the word about computer security.

The first case of Malware inspired this observance.

An article on BBVA, one of the largest banks in the world, says the observance began in 1988 after the first case of malware, known as the Morris Worm. Although we are much more savvy today, we are also faced with constant threat. Toward that end, here are some suggestions for observing the date:

Improve your passwords.

Hopefully you aren't one of the millions who use "123456" or "password," each of which made it to the Top 10 most common passwords in 2019. Use a password manager like LastPass, which stores and encrypts your passwords -- and enables you to use something ridiculous that you'd never remember.

Keep your software up-to-date.

Yes, your laptop's wallpaper gets wiped out and everything on your phone gets moved around or doesn't work the same … but if you don't have the latest version, you don't have the latest protection.

Don't click on links that seem a little off

Even if they come from someone you know. Learn about the various scams and how to protect yourself.

Log out of banking or shopping sites after you've visited them.

Don’t give hackers an open portal.

Back up your data regularly.

If something happens to your computer, you'll likely have to erase everything and reboot. Don’t get caught without backups of your work.