Why Does Your Greasy, Grimy, Bacteria Ridden Hardware Need to Be Cleaned?

Why Does Your Greasy, Grimy, Bacteria Ridden Hardware Need to Be Cleaned?

Having to worry about hardware issues in your business can be frustrating and cost you precious time as well as money. Dust, dirt and grime can bog down your equipment. Take a look at these tips to keep your hardware clean and in good working order.

Greasy fingers lead to grimy keyboards.

We’ve all done it; grabbed a quick bite to eat at our desks while we continue working on critical items. However, those greasy fingers from that yummy slice of pizza or panini sandwich can leave your keyboard a grimy bacteria ridden mess. Clean your keyboard often, especially if you eat at your desk. Unplug your keyboard and turn it over a waste bin to shake any crumbs or debris out. Then use a damp cloth with a disinfectant cleaner sprayed on it or a wet wipe of sorts to clean oils or bacteria from the keys.

Don’t let your mouse skip out on a good cleaning too.

Your mouse is under your hand all day. Anything you touch will be transferred to your mouse and mouse pad. Most mouse pads can withstand a good scrubbing in the sink with antibacterial soap, just be sure to let it fully dry before putting it back in place. Your mouse requires a little more attention. Pesky buildup can form on the surface and underneath as well. Start by unplugging your mouse from your computer and/or remove the batteries. Use a clean cloth with a bit of alcohol to wipe down the outside and the sensor underneath. If you have a mechanical mouse, place it on a piece of plain white printer paper and tap it down as well as roll it around to clear excess debris.

Dust balls bearing down on your fan.

Cleaning the outside of your computers is a wonderful start but, don’t forget about the inside too. We recommend popping open the case on your tower computer at least two times a year to clean out the inside too. Dust balls can build up inside causing the fan to slow or seize. Be sure to use a static free vacuum to remove dirt and dust buildup inside or blow it out with a can of compressed air.

I can see clearly now the dirt is gone.

You’ll be surprised at how dirty your monitors can get. You can use glass cleaner on a cloth or paper towel to dust off the back and top as well as gently remove excess grime from your screens. Now that your hardware is clean, don’t forget the surface of your desk too.