Malware Accounts for 20% of All Security Incidents

Malware Accounts for 20% of All Security Incidents

Malware has become the greatest external threat for businesses these days. What can you do to protect your company? Take a look.

What is Malware?

Malware, also known as malicious code, is a program that covertly dives into another program with the intent to extract or destroy data. Classic categories of malware include: viruses, worms, trojan horses, malicious mobile code, and most often blended attacks.

Protect your company with incident prevention.

The first step in protecting your system is to educate yourself on how your data security could potentially be compromised. From there, develop and implement an approach to prevent Malware incidents. Preventative methods like awareness programs for your staff, vulnerability scans, and threat mitigation as well as good security measure will reduce exposure for your organization.

Be prepared with incident handling procedures.

Don’t wait until your cornered by an attack. Put a standard procedure in place so everyone in your company knows what to do if Malware hits. The most difficult part of recovering from an incident is identifying the infection, containing it, and then eradicating the malicious code. These types of infections can get into all the little crevasses of your network.

Malware just keeps graduating!

Unfortunately, today’s malware is very difficult to detect, is more damaging than ever, and is harder to remove. Take a proactive approach to security and prevent incidents before they become a costly mess.