How to Share Your Calendar and Schedule Appointments More Efficiently.

How to Share Your Calendar and Schedule Appointments More Efficiently.

Busy days and appointments can be hard to keep track of when you are not organized. Most people use calendars to keep track of upcoming appointments and day-to-day tasks. When using calendars you sometimes need to share schedules with other people so that you can sync up your day or allow others to view your availability to find time for a meeting. Now you can do that easily with Office 365 or a handy new application online. 

Share your calendar with O365

In order to share your calendar with someone specific then you need to hit the share button at the top of the calendar from the home menu. By doing so you’ll open up an e-mail window and this will allow you to enter the specific person’s e-mail address. Also, in that window, you can limit how much the person can see. You can give them full access or you can give them limited access to your calendar. 

Share editing power with your staff.

Often times you have assistants who schedule meetings for you, so they need to have full access and editing rights to your calendar. With Office 365 you can do this too. Simply go into the account settings after sharing your calendar with that person and click on delegate access. This window will allow you to choose who has access to your calendar from your shared list.  

Need online scheduling for clients and other contacts?

You don’t have to share your entire calendar with everyone to get things scheduled. Take a look at our three favorite online scheduling assistants.

1) Calendly: This online scheduling program is cloud-hosted and integrates directly with Google Calendar, Outlook, and even Office 365. This great little tool can help you manage your time better with your staff and may be used as a customer-facing tool too. It is particularly handy when nailing down the details and attendees for group events.

2) Time trade: This appointment app fits a variety of businesses like retail and sales organizations. It offers multiple scheduling channels if you’re looking for a more robust solution. The concierge feature even allows you to queue customer bookings and manage query inflow. It integrates with Salesforce too so you can keep all your lead information in one place.

3) Pulse 24/7: Are you in the service industry too? Pulse 24/7 is perfect for legal professionals, salons, therapists, accountants, real estate agents, and more. Pulse 24/7 includes instant online booking and can integrate with a payment processing program too. In addition, the app plugs into social media pages to give your clients even more booking options. You’re sure to enjoy the intuitive algorithm too. It actually learns your weekly trends and suggests trade guides to help you increase your revenues.