Why Internet Explorer Is Not Safe for Your Business

Why Internet Explorer Is Not Safe for Your Business

Experts say that using Internet Explorer can be dangerous. As you probably know, Microsoft is no longer updating Internet Explorer (IE), in favor of Microsoft Edge. But switching to another browser is not just a matter of preference, it's also a matter of security.

End of Support for IE 10. Microsoft even warned in March that using Internet Explorer as a default browser was perilous. Many apps are designed for IE but new apps and Websites are not. So new Websites won't even work with IE. Aside from that, Microsoft is poised to end support for IE 10 in January of 2020.

IE may leave a back door open. Now according to the blog, HotforSecurity, an IE user who opens an .MHT attachment (an archive of a Web page) can let hackers into their system. Even opening a Web page archive you have made can do the same thing. Be careful of the version of IE you have on your computers at home and in the office. Don’t fall victim to these back doors. Crafty hackers are just waiting to swoop in and take your data.

Only about 7% of desktop browsers still use Internet Explorer, but the app is usually installed on a Windows system. Security experts recommend completely uninstalling Internet Explorer from all your machines through the control panel and installing a new browser.

Spread the word. Notify everyone in your company of this danger. Be sure your staff have a safer browser on all of their devices. Laptops, tablets, and towers are all at risk and may leave your company wide open for attack.