IoT Attacks Increased 600% in Just One Year; 5 Tips to Secure Your IoT Devices Today

IoT Attacks Increased 600% in Just One Year;  5 Tips to Secure Your IoT Devices Today

You are on vacation; wouldn't it be nice to check in on your office? Or you are just at home for the day with family; it would be nice to check to see if everything is going well at work. Thinking of installing security monitors to see what’s happening? Take a look at these tips to keep your business safe.

What is an IoT device? Internet of Things (IoT) devices are basically smart devices that have an online connection and can interact with other devices over Internet and/or allow users to remotely manage the device.

Consequences of convenience. The convenience of security cameras and monitors make them an important part of the Internet of Things (IoT). But they can and do have security issues. Most security flaws involve software called iLnkP2P, which is often bundled with IoT devices like doorbells and video recorders. The software makes it easy to access remote devices from anywhere in the world, according to Krebs on Security. But they are easily hacked.

5 tips to secure your IoT devices. Here are a few great tips to help you protect your business from IoT attacks:

1. Avoid connecting devices to the Internet without a firewall or in front of a firewall. Keep IoT devices behind a firewall, such as is found on routers.

2. Change the device's default credentials if you can. While some cameras and DVR’s may not allow it, most have an option to enter a custom login. Change the standard credentials every six months.

3. Update the firmware when an update is available. Firmware updates can patch known vulnerabilities and fix issues the manufacturer has identified lately.

4. Disable Universal Plug and Play. Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) is programming that allows your device to automatically discover the presence of other devices and establish connections. Make sure to turn this feature off.

5. Don't buy Peer-to-Peer (P2P) devices. Peer-to-peer technology is engrained in millions of IoT devices allowing connectivity to the device without secure authentication.

The bottom line is, don't go cheap. Over 7 billion IoT devices are in use today. Don’t go cheap if you’re going to use remote monitoring in your office. Make sure to use a firewall, set a strong password, update your devices often, and be sure they are properly installed from the start to keep your company safe from harm.