How to Lower Your Printing Costs for Your Business

How to Lower Your Printing Costs for Your Business

Everyone loves cutting costs, especially when running a small business. A great way to cut costs is to lower printing costs. Take a look.

Update those outdated printers.

A great way to do this is to update any outdated equipment that you may have because if you’re using old equipment it’s going to break a lot or take more supplies to keep it up and running, which will cost your business more money. So getting a new printer or copier will cost money up front, however, it will end up saving you money because it will break down less.

Only purchase supplies that you know that you’ll use.

If you’re unsure of the number of supplies you’ll need, take a month and tally all of the supplies you use, then use those numbers to plan your orders for the future.

Make rules on what should be printed and share resources.

Set expectations with your staff about what needs to be printed for your company. Come up with some workflows that include paperless features so that you don’t have to print as many things. Instead of having one printer per person, try using one printer for everyone’s needs. Share the resource and cut maintenance costs.

Maintenance regularly.

Routinely check your printer and make sure it’s running accurately and smoothly. Your IT guys may even have ideas for you to save time and print less, saving you more money such as drafting a printing workflow or getting help from document management experts who can help recommend time-saving and budget solutions.