5 Key Security Measures to Help You Declare Your Independence from Stress About Cloud Security

5 Key Security Measures to Help You Declare Your Independence from Stress About Cloud Security

Cloud services have become a staple for business owners today. Who wants to purchase and maintain a server anymore when there are cloud solutions to help you run every aspect of your business from anywhere? However, even though cloud services offer amazing scalability and accessibility, it’s important to implement proper security measures to keep your company information safe.

What not to do.

Cloud services are definitely a great advantage for companies in any vertical. Regardless of the type of data you store, the cloud offers fantastic scalability and accessibility. However, there is a right way to implement the cloud. Don’t use the stale static credentials for your cloud services. Don’t store your user ID or passwords in the cloud. Don’t leave your cloud open for everyone in your company to access everything. Take a look at these top five key security measures that can alleviate your stress about cloud security.

1.) Educate your employees with security training.

A little security training can go a long way. Security is a major concern among IT professionals and business owners. Ensure every employee knows and understands how to identify and address cyber threats.

2.) Replace blanket permissions and implement multi-factor authentication.

Would you allow your patrons to rustle through your desk and view your computer? Don’t give access to all your company data to all employees. This type of open access gives hackers more accounts to breach when they are trying to infiltrate your network. In addition, implement at least a two-factor authentication method. Passwords are just not enough these days.

3.) Encrypt your data.

Just like that combination lock on your locker at the gym, it’s extremely important to protect all your data using encryption. This is generally an easy addition to any cloud service.

4.) Monitor, detect and remediate vulnerabilities regularly.

Check with your cloud provider about the security measures they have covering your systems. Monitor your cloud with a robust cloud security solution that will detect abnormal behaviors and sensitive activities. Know when there is suspicious network traffic across all your resources and stop intrusions before your entire company is compromised.

5.)Test your cloud security measures.

Don’t just blindly trust your security measures, test them on a regular basis. Work with your IT provider to check your security for vulnerabilities each quarter. Be sure there are no windows of opportunity for hackers to get into your system.