Quick Tips to Improve Your Google Search Experience

Quick Tips to Improve Your Google Search Experience

Everyone knows what Google is and how to search for basic things. However, not everyone knows all of the capabilities of Google Search.

Google understands everything you type into it however it only matches some of the things that you type into it. This results in you not getting all of the results that you are capable of getting.

Search tips to clarify your needs.
In order to get the maximum search results, you should point out the keywords that are the most important by using a plus symbol in front of the words you’d like Google to include in the search. You can also use the minus symbol to make sure that Google excludes certain words that you do not want to come up in your search results. Searching a phrase within double quotation marks guarantees to retrieve results that include only the word-forword phrase that matches your query.

Search a specified site.
Google allows you to search from their search engine for stuff on a specific website. In order to do that you need to use the phrase “site:URL” at the end of your search term. This would pull results from that specific site only. For example, if you want to find what Forbes has written about technology, simply go to Google and type “technology site:www.forbes.com.” This makes sure Google includes only pages from Forbes that are about technology in your search results.

You can also search for a specific time period.
A time period search allows you to specify a time period and helps you narrow down your results to more recent website stories or articles. In order to do this, you do the search like you normally do and then you click on the tools under the search box. Then you hit the anytime drop-down menu. From that point, you can choose the time period parameter, such as the past month or past week, or fill in an exact time period. Using these tools will help you come up with more efficient search results helping you find more valuable search results.