Easy Fixes to Your Wi-Fi Woes.

Easy Fixes to Your Wi-Fi Woes.

Are you tired of your Wi-Fi always going out? Here are some tips to help limit the downtime of your Wi-Fi connection.

Range constraints you should worry about.
If you’re not near your router then you could lose connection easily, depending on the range your specific router has. To ensure that you get the most out of the range of your router, you should make sure that you have it in a centralized location in your office. You should also make sure that your Wi-Fi antennae are either in a fully horizontal or vertical position for optimal signal distribution.

Sloth speeds?
If you’re having trouble with slower speeds than you should be experiencing make sure that your router is in the same room that you’re connecting to it in. You can also install extra routers so that you can maximize the area that your Wi-Fi reaches thus increasing the speed because you can be closer to your router even in office or conference rooms that are farther away from the connection. Make sure you’re not using high bandwidth apps such as Dropbox or YouTube. These can slow down your speeds drastically while they are running. Another thing you can do is create a separate router channel just for your use and then you won’t be sharing with the rest of the network.

Connection issues can be so frustrating.
If this is your problem you should first try resetting your router. You can do this by unplugging it for about 30 seconds and then plugging it in again. Give it time to reboot and it usually helps. However, it doesn’t always. You should test your router to make sure it's working by plugging directly to the router with an ethernet cord. If it connects fine then something is wrong with your router. The trouble is that it could be something simple or extremely complex. There is a button on the router to factory reset it, it’s tiny you’d need a paper clip or tiny pin but, you can reset your router and see if that fixes the issue. However, often times you will need to have your Internet configuration information if you choose this option. If you’re still having issue with it, it may be time to get some technical help or buy a new router.

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