5 Pearls of Wisdom to Build a Strong Foundation for Your Business

5 Pearls of Wisdom to Build a Strong Foundation for Your Business

My mother was a plethora of knowledge. An educated woman, very trendy for your time, knowledgeable on every topic or at least where to point me in the right direction. Her pearls of wisdom still ring clearly in my mind when I am faced with challenges in my life. So, here are my 5 pearls of wisdom to help you build a strong foundation for your business based on my mothers lessons.

Anything worth having is worth working for.
Every piece of your business is important. Building a sound foundation improves efficiency and productivity. In turn, this stability will increase the overall health of your company. Learn how to evaluate the basic IT and productivity infrastructure of your business.

What is infrastructure?
Infrastructure is the basic framework or physical components driving an operation like the building, computers, software, even the printers and fax machines as well as the soft components like services and software. This term is applicable in any environment. Actually, businesses cannot really function without some level of infrastructure.

Basic areas to evaluate.
This is the most challenging hurdle in business, identifying issues and building solutions to improve operations. Obviously your company functions but, where can efficiency and productivity be increased?

Five pearls of wisdom to build a strong foundation for your business.
If your company doesn’t have an IT expert on staff, this may seem intimidating. Here are a few tips to help you along.

1. Inventory your hardware:
My mother would say, “Do your duty even if there’s no immediate reward for it.” Review the hardware your company currently uses. Inventory would include physical items like the servers, computers, laptops, printers,etc. Use this inventory to determine areas that require upgrades or improvements. Even if you don’t need it right away, keeping a current inventory on hand is extremely handy when making plans for your business or claims for insurance in case of an emergency.

2. Review your software:
I can hear her now, “Never miss an opportunity to learn a new skill.” Many organizations never review or change the software they use for the processes they rely on most like customer relations, inventory, or even data management. Take a look at new options on the market today and compare functionality and scalability.

3. Inspect your data and storage solution:
As mom would say, “Always pick your own battles.” Storing and managing your company data is an extremely important component to recovering if there is an incident. Pick your battles with a proactive approach to managing your data security, backups and recovery options. Be prepared so you can recover with grace should the need arise.

4. Examine networking and telecommunication options:
“Always feed yourself first so you have the strength to feed your children.” Look at your current arrangement and evaluate options to combine things like phone services and Internet with one carrier so your company is ready to reach out to the world. Strengthen your footing so you’re ready to provide great services for your clients.

5. Assess your current IT approach:
“Feel free to get a second, third or seventh opinion” my mother would always say, “never settle for less than you deserve.” If you’re unsure about your current IT approach, see what’s out there. Managed services can give you peace of mind about your technological foundation so you can focus on your business.