Phishing Attack Tips; Don’t Take the Bait!

Phishing Attack Tips; Don’t Take the Bait!

There have been a lot of phishing attacks and unwanted e-mails with attachments lately. Here are some great security tips to share with your staff so everyone can stay on top of e-mail attachment security.

1) Do you need it?If the e-mail has an attachment, before you open it, make sure you need to open it. If you don’t need to open it, then don’t open it.

2) Do you know what it is? If the e-mail has an attachment, and you don’t know what the attachment is for, don’t open it!

3) Do you know the sender? If the e-mail has unsolicited information about some expiring accounts, past due invoices, unclaimed money, bitcoin investments, C1al$is and Vi@gra medication, or other Nigerian prince related nonsense be weary.

As a general rule, unless you specifically requested that someone e-mail you a file or you’re unsure who sent you the message, don’t open the attachment. Attempt to reach the sender by phone to confirm the file.