How Does Two-Factor Authentication Actually Work?

How Does Two-Factor Authentication Actually Work?

A variety of applications and accounts online now offer password protection with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) too. This security combination will help you keep all of your accounts locked down. Take a look at these great password tips and learn how 2FA actually works.

Password tips. When creating passwords it is important to create a strong one. Many hackers do not have the tools to figure out stronger passwords. You need to make sure that your password is unique. The best way to do this is to use random strings of letters, numbers and special characters, do not use real words. Creating passwords with those unique tools makes it very tough for anyone to figure out.

Shake things up. You should also never, ever use the same password twice. It is always easier to remember one password as opposed to having to remember a different one for every account, but sometimes it’s worth the extra effort if you have secure data that you do not want a hacker to get into. If you have a tough time remembering passwords, sign up for a password site such as LastPass, they help you save your passwords all in one secure location. Password programs like LastPass even offer business plans so you can share accounts with other authorized users safely.

Why aren’t strong passwords enough? Login’s were created to restrict the use of an account or program only to the preapproved user logging in. Unfortunately, malicious criminals attack everything these days from government entities, to companies and even personal accounts online. Changing your password regularly can help deter an attack but may never eliminate you as a target. In addition, we are all human and have lousy memories and a ton of login credentials to remember. At some point security fatigue sets in and you find yourself using one password for everything again even though there are really no signs that cybercrime is slowing down.

Take every precaution to protect yourself and your company.Two-Factor Authentication is an additional layer of security. If you have a program or site that offers a 2FA feature you should take advantage of it. This makes it impossible for hackers to get into your account.

How does 2FA actually work? Not only do you use your strong password to log in, but you also need another verification method such as a text message authorization, e-mail confirmation or authenticator program code to open your account. This is how it works:
∂ Go to your site and log in with your user name and password
∂ The 2FA pops up on your screen asking for your authorization code
∂ You check your text, e-mail or authenticator app and enter the code displayed
∂ After the code is verified, the account is logged in and ready for use.

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