A Terrible Phishing Scam You Should Know about That’s Impacting Business Just like Yours

A Terrible Phishing Scam You Should Know about That’s Impacting Business Just like Yours

2019 has already become quite a year for Phishing scams. As many of you have seen, the newest ones are very deceiving; they seem to come from right inside your own company.

A new wave of invasions. Over the past few months, we have seen thousands of e-mails come in from outside resources that are all dressed up to look just like your boss is e-mailing an urgent task. Many workers have been spoofed into purchasing items online like gift cards losing a ton of company cash.

Who is getting hit? Well, we have see companies large and small. Everything from architecture firms, real estate companies, distribution organizations and even smaller service companies are receiving these socially engineered scams. No one is safe these days.

Typical scams we’ve seen. A few of the typical scams include requests from a member of management to purchase gift cards for a work-related function or as a gift for a special occasion. Scammers will even be quick to reply if you e-mail back with questions, comments, and of course the gift card info. However, the gift cards are then stolen and used by the hackers for whatever they like.

What can you do to help protect your company? The messages really do look like they are coming from a coworker. Be aware and make an announcement in your office so everyone knows to just ask if anything looks off. Carefully assess any messages that include a request for multiple gift card purchases. Encourage your staff to call one another if there are any questions about purchases. A good phone conversation may save your company a boatload of money. In addition, some companies have started putting a warning on all e-mails that originate outside the company network. This helps people determine if the messages are legitimately from a coworker at a glance.

Interested in this new warning? Give us a call. We can take a look at your e-mail settings and work on getting your company notifications setup.