Sluggish Computer Dragging Down Your Day?

Sluggish Computer Dragging Down Your Day?

Sure it’s a new year, great! You’re still struggling with that old dog of a computer from last year though. You’ve decided it’s just not worth the frustration so, you’ve resolved to start the computer in the morning and go refill your coffee because apparently it takes its sweet time getting ready for the day.

NO! Don’t live this lie!

Your computer doesn’t need extra time in the morning. It’s not waking up 2,000 parts like a human being. It just has to turn on. Don’t live this lie. Don’t adjust your schedule to lend more time for your computer to come online and join the workday. There is obviously something more going on.

Sluggish may mean future failures.

If we were talking about your 10 year old Labrador, yes — give the old boy a few extra minutes. You’ve spent years investing time and energy into your relationship and he deserves a few extra minutes to rise and shine. But we are not. Even though you may have an equal amount of time invested in your computer with all the work you’ve been through together, it isn’t about honoring your relationship. You’re not showing your loyalty. You may be avoiding the early warning signs of failures.

Failures mean you’re losing money.

Think about it, if your computer died right now… what would you do? Could you continue work? Would you be as productive? How much money would you lose?

Call today.

If you’re having issues when starting up your tower or laptop, don’t wait for a complete failure. A sluggish computer could indicate a failing piece of critical hardware like a hard drive or fan. Give us a call today for an evaluation before your machine stalls or just gives out.