Scaling Up in 2019: How to Grow Your Company in the New Year

Scaling Up in 2019: How to Grow Your Company in the New Year

It takes more to get ahead than just doing the basics. We’ve all been there and hitting a glass ceiling — stalling. You know what I am talking about. That threshold that seems to leave growth stagnate in your organization. So, how can you continue to grow your company this year?

Companies flourish with the right tools in place.

There are two things that help companies push past the glass ceiling. One, the tools elected for daily operations are economical and scalable. Everything from the software used to the hardware in place should be designed to handle the growth you desire. Ask yourself, can your current infrastructure support double the workload and double the user count? Do you have the capacity to continue operating your business with twice as much on your plate? Two, is everyone onboard? A shared vision for the future will give everyone a clear picture of the direction your organization is headed. There is nothing more valuable than having your greatest resources focused on one single achievement and working together to achieve it.

Inspect, protect and enhance.

The playing field for businesses changes like the seasons. Owners are challenged to think outside the box to gain the upper hand over their competition. Companies must find a way to grow bigger, operate better, and do it faster than the next guy. Start out by inspecting your network regularly for vulnerabilities, protecting your assets with security tools, and enhancing operations with new equipment to improve efficiencies.

Inspect your network regularly.

Conduct a full assessment of your current setup to create a firm foundation in which you can scale your business smoothly. Think about it, even if new revenue is flowing in the door, you’ll soon have another problem — you will have to deliver for all those clients. Scaling is about capability and capacity. Take advantage of our FREE 27 Point Network Assessment to see if your company is ready to add more staff and build your business in the coming year.

Protect your growth.

Scaling often breaks the original business model. Many of the manual processes that worked when you were a small fry simply won’t cut it as you grow. Inform your staff about current issues and risks, examine your security methods regularly and test your backups to be absolutely sure you can recover your data when you need it most. Growth brings a greater potential for security breaches since there are more cooks in the kitchen. Implement technology tools to monitor and alert you when there are threats. Inform your staff of acceptable use policy for your network tools, security requirements for personal devices, and social media policies.

Enhance your foundation with a technology partner. You could say

we are just trying to sell you our services, and sure we are, but the fact remains that you didn’t go into business to manage technology, right? So, it’s imperative to find a trusted resource to guide you through the choppy waters of technology for your business. Technology is an ever changing and growing animal. While you scale your company, your technology must be in alignment in order to continue being a tool and not a challenge. A good technology partner will be by your side to regularly inspect, strategize, monitor, protect, and enhance your tools.

Don’t sell yourself short!

Achieving the growth you seek is not easy. While we are 100% sure you know what you’re doing in your field of work, what do you do when there’s a power outage and your server won’t turn back on? What happens when files go missing? Who do you call? Hiring an IT company to help you navigate the IT world is a smart move. While many people may say the added monthly expense is just too much, business owners who have experienced a loss will tell you the monthly is way more affordable to ensure your company is secure than paying out lawsuits or other losses.

Claim your FREE 27 Point Network Assessment today! Kick the new year off with a fresh look at IT management and security. Claim your FREE assessment and we will review your entire network, identify vulnerabilities and present our best options to keep your organization in growth mode.