Hackers are Bobbing for Apples

Hackers are Bobbing for Apples

Historically, Apple computers have rarely been a target for hackers. However, these past few years have been trying for Mac lovers. Attackers seem to be more focused on exploiting weaknesses believed to affect all Apple equipment.

Macs are just safer, right?

We always hear people say they want Apple products because they are safer to use. While it is true, in the past Macs were rarely a target for hackers, a new age of attacks is brewing and Apple users should be very cautious.

WindTale and WindTape take flight.

According to Karim, a researcher at DarkMatter (a reputable cybersecurity company), attackers have now found a way to get around all the native macOS security measures. WindTale and WindTape are just two examples of malware that were specifically engineered to dig into Apple products, screenshot user activities and infiltrate files on the computer.

How do these attacks happen?

Apple products are still largely protected from harm. Phishing e-mails seem to be the largest culprit for infections. Here’s how it happens:

1) User receives a spear-phishing email containing a link to a site

2) A .zip file containing the malware is downloaded automatically when the link is clicked

3) The malware seeps into the macOS

It’s as easy as bobbing for apples.

Clever hackers send loads of these emails daily to bob for unsuspecting Apple users. Be aware of the dangers. Do not open e-mails from people you do not know. Always double check the e-mail address, do not click on links in e-mails if you are at all concerned. Go directly to the vendor website or call the company to ensure the message is legitimate.