Backup so You Can Recover in a Disaster

Backup so You Can Recover in a Disaster

It’s that time of year again when winter storms take their toll on us. Natural disasters, physical threats, even manmade disasters can negatively impact your business.

Plan for disasters…

Even small disruptions can knock things off track. Create a disaster recovery plan and contingency plan to keep your business afloat when there are power outages, flooding or even theft. When employees know what to do and are confident in their ability to make the right decisions for your business, they are more likely to efficiently handle any disaster.

Planning doesn’t have to be difficult.

There are a variety of resources online to help get you started. Start by visiting your community web pages and make a list of emergency response phone numbers and contacts. Visit or for more details and resources to build your preparedness plans.

Be proactive about technology.

When it comes to disasters, technology is a more difficult piece to remedy. No one wants to run in and out of a burning building to collect computers, monitors, servers or phones—that’s just crazy. So, think ahead. Put a daily offsite backup solution in place to ensure your company data is safe from harm. These backups can be restored on any computer so if you experience a total loss, your company can keep running from laptops and your environment can be more easily restored. Need help? Give us a call.