Technology Love

In an age where our cell phones have become a natural paring for our lives it’s not surprising that we see characters on T.V. and in movies falling in love with technology too.

W.I.F.E. In this digital age, it’s easy to grow attached to your device. After all, they support our every communication, informational needs, shopping pleasures, etc. Much like Plankton and Karen in the Spongebob television series, we rely heavily on our technology to carry us through. Plankton is so in love that Karen is described as his W.I.F.E (Wired Integrated Female

Pixel Perfect is another great example of technology sweeping us off of our feet. This playful Disney original is all about Roscoe falling in love with a holographic superstar, Loretta.

Siri can’t compare. In the movie Her, the main character Theo finds himself hopelessly in love with the operating system on his phone. This is such a fitting theme for the 21st century. Unlike Siri, Samantha overcomes her limitations as an operating system and truly loves Theo back. She even understands him when he talks.

Bicentennial Man also shows a robot romance that blossoms into a love affair. In this film, the robot actually gets turned into a human in the end, but the Little Miss falls in love with Andrew, the robot, early on since he took care of her as a child.

Indulging in your device. With all this talk of romantic feelings for our technology it reminds me to consider the physical nature of love. One theory of love suggests a triangular explanation where each point exposes a part of the all consummate love; intimacy, commitment, and passion. There are varying levels on each side of course but we can never truly have a consummate love with our devices only that special someone you share your sock drawer with.

Disconnect today from your technology and have a very:

Happy Valentine’s Day!