Lose weight, curb stress and reduce anxiety

Most of us made resolutions by Thanksgiving last year to change our lives in 2014. How can we take this notion into our businesses? Just carry it right in the door. Every resolution you’ve made for yourself can be applied to our organization too. Here are a few of the most common resolutions and a some great ways to apply them to your company.

Lose weight. Losing weight is one of the most common of all New Year’s resolutions. Everyone wants to find a new and improved picture of health so they can function better with less pain, fatigue, and medical complications. Your staff and network are the same. Trimming down your company to the essentials may be just what you need for a fresh start this year.

Slim down your staff. You don’t need a fancy personal trainer like Jullian Michaels or Jake Steinfeld to keep your company on track. Just encouraging good health can do the trick. Give your staff an outlet for exercise. This can include an onsite facility with exercise equipment or even partner with a local gym to provide free or reduced cost memberships for your employees. Regular exercise can give you and your employees more energy, help control weight, combat health conditions, and improve their overall mood, making your organization a more delightful place to work.

Trim the fat off your network to increase efficiency too. Unfortunately, a treadmill or rowing machine cannot whip your network into shape. You need an expert to run a full network assessment to truly view the ins and outs of your technology standing. This type of assessment will give you a clear picture of your current assets, their age, and functionality. You will be able to see exactly how your network is organized and maintained as well as obtain a full list of possible tactics to help you create the most trim and efficient network for your company’s needs.

Curb stress with IT management you can count on. No we aren’t going to keep bringing up the need for more exercise, although it is a proven way to reduce stress. Imagine this, you walk into your
office and everyone has a wonderful smile on their face, they’re working productively, and are so efficient that you think to yourself, “This must be a dream!” Well, it doesn’t have to be. Turmoil like e-mail issues, viruses, and hardware failures can be a thing of the past with a devoted, knowledgeable IT department by your side.

Effectively manage your technology for continued success. Take preventative measures to ward off issues that may arise, like infections and hardware failures by using remote monitoring, regular updates and ongoing maintenance. Reduce stress with outsourced IT management to protect your company data and keep your technology running as it should be so that you can focus on growing your business in 2014.

Reduce anxiety. Do you find yourself losing sleep over all the “What ifs?” in your business. What if… that airplane liftoff noise coming from your server room means your server won’t work tomorrow. What if… the data on your backup is corrupt and you can’t restore your company files. What if… you cannot open your business for a week because of technology failures. Would your organization survive?

Security for serenity. Most business owners are primarily concerned with security. Not just physical security, but network security, data loss and infections too. What if we told you there is one sure-fire way to curb your anxiety. Would you jump at the chance to make a change? Well there is...

Technology management from ThinkTech. Technology is a great tool, but IT must be maintained and replaced when it reaches the end of its useful life. Many businesses implement new technology and hope it continues to work as intended with no real gauge to determine its effectiveness. New software and hardware like servers, computers and peripherals can more than double your productivity. Do we have your attention?

If you are ready to relinquish your day-to-day technology management to an efficient, skilled, and reliable IT department, give us a call today. Your company can lose weight, curb your stress and reduce anxiety with this one simple change.

We take care of your technology so you can focus on what really counts, your business!

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