Wise web browser warnings

Are you a Firefox fan, Explorer junkie or Chrome lover? No matter what browser you prefer, you can rely on them even more for useful warnings these days.

Rewind to the 90’s when you believed everything you read on the Internet. Browser security was the least of your worries. After all, we didn’t have hackers then, right?

Over the past few decades, many online users have been hit with horrible attacks, fake security alerts, network intrusions, even e-mail scams and harmful downloads. These problems can be annoying, exposing and very expensive to fix. Who can you trust?

Browser companies are learning. They are becoming even more educated about the security risks online and have improved their warning systems to send users like us valuable information. Now, you will see more popups regarding phishing attempts, malware attacks and invalid certificates.

It’s time to listen. Billions of warnings are sent out through browsers each year. Take time to read and research popups from your browser and explore security add-ons that can help you stay out of trouble.

Warning woes? If you aren’t sure what’s real, give us a call before you click. Devious attackers have created very realistic warnings using legitimate company logos and information. Better safe than infected.

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