Fall faster

Picture2September 22nd marks the end our sunshiny Summer season and the beginning of Fall. What’s in the forecast for you?

Back in session… Vacations are over, children are back in school, and business is picking up with anticipation for the year’s end. So, take a moment to assess what is next for your business.

Change is in the air. All of us have a focus. Some driving factor that keeps us running from task to task, but how do you know what to do next? Here is a little tip to grow on, Fall forward faster. Because the people who have failed the most are the most successful. ~Dr. Tom Orent

Prioritize and dominate your to-do list! Failing doesn’t mean giving up. Line up your idea list and set the wheels in motion to accomplish your goals before this year comes to a close. Make a plan. Narrow your list down to the top seven ideas and set the others in a tickler file for next year.

Plan your top picks. From the top seven, pick one idea to implement this month. Put a reminder on your desk in writing, add time to your calendar to work on your idea, and define your goal. Then focus only on this one idea this month. It doesn’t matter what type of idea. It can be anything from building better processes for accounting to working up a company manual or pushing out a new marketing campaign.

Set yourself up for success. Secure a strategy for implementation. Work time into your busy schedule to address your idea and dive in. Be sure to schedule 1-2 hours for each idea session and keep yourself focused.

Follow through. Take your other six ideas and schedule them for the next three months. Add time to your calendar early so you have the availability when it’s time to begin working on your ideas.

Keep it simple. Don’t reinvent the wheel with every new idea. Research implementation techniques and review similar success stories about topics you want to explore. Find a mentor to help guide you and good resources.

Visit www.SBA.gov for inspiration and information on a variety of topics to help your business flourish this Fall.

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