Apple Restrictions: A voyage to remember

Picture1I’m positive you’ve heard about children running ramped with downloads on their parents devices but, did you know there is a setting to lock them out? If you haven’t found it, this is a money saver tip!
Vacation extras? A friend of mine recently arrived home from a cruise. The ship was almost brand new and the amenities were comparable to that of a Las Vegas casino. The whole family had a fantastic time! They checked out with golden tans, pictures galore, souvenirs, and a $300 Apple ID bill, what?

15 memorable minutes… That’s right $300 down in just 15 minutes. My friend opened the e-mail invoice from Apple and immediately knew what happened. He was busy getting ready for a night out with his beautiful wife, when his son asked to purchase an app on their iPhone. He hurriedly punched in the passcode and went back to his preparations.

Level 47, yea! While his young son was very excited to get so far on his game, my friend was disappointed with the lack of restrictions on the Apple device. The default allows 15 minutes of purchasing power before locking your account so his son bought every boost imaginable!

Setting the restrictions? Go to settings, select “General”, click on “Restrictions”, then tap the button to “Enable Restrictions” and set a passcode. Scroll down to click on “Require Password” and change this setting from the standard “15 minutes” to “Immediately”. There are a variety of other restriction options to consider too, take a look!

An extra tip to keep you safe! If you ever update your restrictions passcode or change a restriction, be sure to double check the settings again so you don’t end up with another surprise bill. Generally, the settings will go back to the default. That means 15 minutes of purchasing time for anyone on the device.
Save yourself the headache and bill!

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