Proper Disposal of All Things Electronic

As much as you’d like to, it’s really not safe to just throw away old computers, network equipment, or any electronics like TV’s, cell phones, and DVD players. If disposed of improperly, these items contain toxic chemicals, like arsenic and mercury that can harm the environment. How do you dispose of these things properly? Check out these two tips:

1. Reuse. This is the most environmentally friendly of the disposal methods. Find another use for your old equipment. For example, you might be able to use an old PC as a firewall, run a basic program like an older voicemail system, or make it a toy for your kids or grandkids to beat up.

2. E-cycle. Some major retailers, like Best Buy and Dell, offer recycling programs for computers and home electronics. If it’s your cell phone you are looking to get rid of, you can find a local program by going to or

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